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    In the last year we’ve had a baby and are planning on a few more in the years to come. We felt we’d be very remiss if we didn’t put away things for our children, but I have yet to find a good list of what to store. We have all the typical baby accruments you use on a day to day basis since we already have one child, but we’d like to have things put away just in case. So far here’s what we have, can you experienced parents tell us what we’re missing?

    • Powdered and liquid premeasured formula for emergencies. We breastfeed our baby exclusively but we’d rather be safe than sorry. We saved all the free formula from the various company offers and they’re good for another year.
    • Gender neutral baby clothes 5 outfits per size from 0-2T. Of course our baby been gifted with tons of clothes, so we’d have those as well, but most of them are very gender specific.
    • Cloth diapers. We already use cloth on a daily basis and even have the means to hand wash if need be.
    • Disposable diapers in the get home bags.
    • Pacifiers
    • Bottles/nipples
    • Baby/Toddler toys/books
    • Infant Advil and Benadryl

    Thanks for all of your help!

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    My wife and I are expecting our second, a boy, in January. How do,you prep for a newborn? My wife is breast feeding so keeping her well nourished kills two birds. A newborn (plus a 2 year old) adds a new dynamic. Our plan is to stay here so we don’t have to worry about traveling with the young ‘uns. What is everyone’s thoughts?


    Mr Grey

    My wife is just out of the first trimester and I couldn’t be happier about becoming a new father. :clap: Still have a little while before our little Grey gets here but I am nervous because I have no idea how to prep for him/her. Formula doesn’t exactly have a great shelf life and I don’t have a lot of income/space to accumulate a lot of baby preps. I know people have been having babies for awhile now 😀 but this is the first one for us and I feel that this changes so much. I have been doing my research but I am open to any helpful advice from all of you. Thanks!



    I’d always thought myself as reasonably prepared for most possibilities, but having learned recently that I’m going to be a father within eight months I suddenly feel like I know almost nothing again. I know from experience that this forum is a vast wealth of knowledge given by those who have considered these things, and those who’ve already been there. What new considerations should I be making in light of my wife’s pregnancy for bugging out with either a pregnant wife or a newborn?



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