Prepping with young children in mind

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    I have a group of around 12-15 people. We all agree upon our jobs/spots in a bug-out or i.n.c.h. Situation. For example, I have two master mechanics, two master farmers, 4 master protection team leaders, 1 alpha voice, 1 omega voice, 2 RN. But I have no radio operator. I need not just 1 guy/girl to teach me, although I would jump on the opertunity. I’m looking for a family of 3-4, with a radio operator/mechanic to join our group. I’ve prepped my locale to hold 15 for 6 months (hunting, foraging, farming not included). If you have radio skills and feel the need for a backup plan to save your children’s future. Just I’m case mentality. Your the last family I need to form my rebuild the world group. Contact me of interested. Even if you would just like to have me as an apprentice for a while. Radio transmissions and mechanics of a radio, is a skill I sorely lack. Messagee with interest I have many other skills I can teach people in trade for radio skills. Thanks. And as our group says “rainy days is what we are best at”

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