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    A neighbor had a yard sale this morning. I didn’t pay it much attention but when it was over, I asked how it went. The husband said he didn’t know, but some of the customers were checking out my garden. 😯 I guess they will forget about it if TS don’t HTF in the next couple of days. My garden really wouldn’t be noteworthy except my organic heirloom plants are different veggies from the standard mix in most gardens. I didn’t have any fruit for the shoppers to notice or snatch yet anyway, just seedpods. I already knew the garden was too exposed but I have to have the sunlight.

    It’s things like this that make me want to live out in the boonies. With the right kind of isolated space (wish Mom hadn’t sold her farm), I could plan all kinds of deterrents to nosy visitors. Blackberry and rose borders for starters. Maybe add a moat which could double as water storage … would that look suspicious on satellite photography? Anyway, back to reality, gotta think of things I can do here for the time being. I could plant American holly if transplants will take (store bought is too expensive). But, they could just walk around it. Need to think of more creative, but inconspicuous ideas. Cheap too. Maybe a picket fence made out of some type of scraps? 😮

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