Preps For January 2010

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    I liked seeing what other people added to their preps each month. It makes me think of my own preps and gives me new ideas. So I’m starting the thread here on the new forum.

    We went shopping today after church, despite the weather, simply because the slew of company we’ve had since November put a serious dent into the food storage (but we didn’t have to food shop much while they were here!).

    I added:

    2 packages of cheap handwarmers

    Not much this week. Since we were sort of impulse shopping, I didn’t want to go overboard until I have a better handle on how much our supply has dwindled. I will say this – I made a lot of homemade pizzas and emptied a 5 gallon flour bucket!

    We sent my daughter home with my home-canned spaghetti sauce. She approved mightily and informed me that she ate an entire jar of spaghetti sauce throughout the day once she was home. She loved that it didn’t have to be refrigerated until opened.

    ~ Cin ~

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