Pri-G….I freaking LOVE this stuff!

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    Pri-G….I freaking LOVE this stuff! Finally got my order of Pri-G in…only bought 1 quart, because I didn’t want to buy a whole bunch until I decided whether or not it was worth it, because it isn’t cheap. Well, it IS! What is it? It is a gas stabilizer/freshener, but it goes WAY beyond that! I not only put it into the 5-gallon gas cans for the gas that I’m storing, but also put it into the gas tank of my truck, because it gets limited use, and the gas sometimes sits in the tank for quite a while. Anyway, after filling my gas tank and adding the Pri-G, and then driving it a bit, these were the effects that it had:

    1. Improved engine performance. Frankly, my truck had been running like an asthmatic before (my husband had complained about it), and after adding the Pri-G to the tank, the engine performance IMMEDIATELY improved!
    2. Improved gas mileage! My gas mileage went from 14.6 MPG to 20.95 MPG! (Each time I fill the tank I note the mileage on the trip meter then reset it for the next time, and divide the mileage by the amount of gas to fill the tank to figure my MPG) Talk about a big improvement!

    After seeing the results, now my husband wants me to add some to the car’s gas tank, too, in addition to the truck and motorcycles. I will DEFINITELY be ordering more of it! The money I’ve saved on gas because of the improved MPG has ALREADY offset the cost of what I spent on the Pri-G, and I’ve only used a couple ounces of it…I’ve still got most of the quart left.

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