Problem w/chicken-killing neighbor dogs

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    I’m having a problem figuring out what to do here.

    I have some new neighbors on the other side of my back fence. I have a wire mesh fence that has always been fine for keeping my dog in the yard. I didn’t realize that I should have installed an 8-ft concrete wall w/razor wire and broken glass on the top to keep out the local dogs and the meth maggots (etc).

    Two of the three dogs behind me have gotten into my yard. The first one (Lab) killed a chicken and two ducks. Yesterday, the Siberian was in the yard, sniffing around but didn’t get anything. I threw rocks at him and he left.

    I am thinking of getting an electric fence, but I am at a loss as how to set it up.

    This is a residential area with a combination of 1-acre lots (mine) and smaller ones. When most people install electric fences, they put the insulators INSIDE the fence to keep their own pets and livestock on their property. But that’s not likely to keep other animals out, because they’re probably not going to hit the hot wire until they’re already on the “downhill” side of the fence (mine). Then, the hot wire will be keeping them from going home.

    It is not likely that I could set up the fence with the insulators on THEIR side of the fence. It’s probably not legal, and their grass is 4 ft tall. And if there was a way to put insulators on the TOP of the fence, it probably wouldn’t be all that much better. I’ve met them, and they seem capable of wetting themselves down with the hose, and then touching the fence and calling the cops about getting burned. A woman about 50, 2 younger white women with dreadlocks :glare:, and a young guy (boyfriend) whom I’ve not seen yet.

    Anyway, here’s the question: Does anyone know of a way to set up an electric fence on my side of the property that would still be effective in keeping the stupid dogs home?

    Or any other solution that wouldn’t cost too much.

    BTW, shooting them isn’t really much of an option, because the houses all around me are too close for comfort, especially theirs.

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