Proof of Ownership of Real Property

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    How would one prove to others that they own a specific piece of property if gov’t electronic and paper records are no longer accessible and/or if there is no organized/recognized authority to appeal to….

    …if it is fully paid for?

    1) If there are no records to independently show ‘official’ proof that my deed is legitimate…

    2) If there is no one to hear and adjudicate the disagreement…

    And, what about if there is a mortgage? Obviously, more complicated…

    Very interested in any/all opinions.


    Well if it is that bad, just living on the property is good. Of course you read of squatters moving in to a place if the owner goes on vacation for a week and then the owner has to go to court to evict them (rather than the faster and simpler shooting them and hauling the bodies to the dumpster across town), spending money and time to get rid of them.

    Also what makes tou think you actually OWN “your” property? Do you pay rent to the gov’t, called “taxes”? If you rent it from the gov’t, then they can come and take it away from you any reason, so you do no “own” it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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