Propane cylinders and equipment

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    This is my feeble attempt at explaining propane cylinders and the different accessories that might come in handy. Here goes.
    I have 2 propane camp stoves. I have a Coleman 2 burner camp stove and a Primus 2 burner camp stove. I didn’t take a picture of either because everybody problem has seen them. A propane camp stove uses the standard 16.4oz gas cylinder. Here is a picture.

    The 16.4oz cylinder just screws directly onto the camp stove. You can usually get about 3-4 hours of cooking time out of the 16.4 oz cylinder. The next cylinder up is the 20 pound propane cylinder. Here is a picture.

    Now, let’s say you want to hook your camp stove to your 20 pound cylinder. You have to have a special hose with different fittings to do this. Without the special hose, it can’t be done. Yep, i have a picture of that too.

    This is a 12 hose. The small end hooks up to the stove and the large end hooks up to the 20 pound cylinder. Mine is 2 six foot hoses that screw together to make a 12 hose. The end result is the same.” onclick=”;return false
    Nothing is more aggravating than to be cooking or grilling and run out of gas half way through. here is a picture of my 20 pound cylinder gas gauge.″ onclick=”;return false
    Those 20 pound cylinders are not light. You refill an empty 16.4 ounce cylinder from a 20 pound cylinder. You have to have a cheater valve. The name of mine is EZ Fill Propane coupler. Here is a picture.

    You hook the 16.4oz cylinder directly to the 20 pound cylinder by using the threaded cheater valve. When you do this the 16.4oz cylinder’s valve is open. You then turn on the 20 pound cylinder. Hold the 20 pound cylinder upside down so that the 16.4oz cylinder is on the bottom. The small cylinder will fill up in just a few seconds from the larger one. Now turn the 20 pound back up so the 16.4 oz is back on top. Turn off the 20 pound cylinder and remove the 16.4 oz from the cheater valve. Then remove the cheater valve from the 20 pound cylinder. If the cheater valve isn’t remove, you could knock over the 20 pound cylinder and damage the threads on the cheater valve making it useless.″ onclick=”;return false
    I have a Coleman propane heater. It just has one setting. It will heat my front bath room up toasty warm in about 30 minutes. The book says it will go for about 8 hours on a 16.4 oz cylinder.” onclick=”;return false
    A fellow has got to have a decent way to make a pot of coffee. If my power goes off, I have a non electric coffee percolator.″ onclick=”;return false

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