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    I have it. It hasn’t bothered me much in the last few years. This winter it is eating me alive. It sucks. About all you can do is try to treat it on a temporary basis. I have a steroid lotion that I use. Betamethasone Dipropionate is what it is called. It comes in a 60ml bottle. It costs about $36.00 a bottle. I got a new medicine called Taclonex. That is some high dollar stuff. At the local drug store it is $400.00 a tube.
    A friend of mine told me about Manuka honey. I am trying that. It seems to be helping. Bees make the honey from the pollen of the Manuka bush. That bush only grows in New Zealand and parts of Australia. This honey is supposed to be like a natural antibiotic. According to the reading this honey will even kill staph infections. You can put the honey on cuts, burns and infections. I figure it’s worth a try.
    This honey doesn’t look like regular honey. It looks more like a brown paste. Here is a link.” onclick=”;return false

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