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    The trash and lies in the Government Halls of Indoctrination will devour your childrens grey matter like brain parasites. Yes, brain worms exist: (warning don’t click if you get squeamish) What is the solution? Pull them out of school immediately and teach them yourself. There is more useful information to be gained from even Youtube than the trash that public education offers. Teach them to be self-reliant and to learn things on their own. Focus more heavily on the good attributes that your children naturally lean to the most. They are like sponges and will absorb the information that their minds need the most. Each child has specific skills and talents that they are more readily “tuned into”. If they excel at video games so what? There is big money in the gaming industry, start by encouraging them to create their own mods for popular games. As they improve, then encourage them to learn to program their own from scratch. If they are into online social networking then encourage them to start their own forums, chatrooms etc… Huge advertising dollars are made on popular social networking sites. Do they like sweets? Start by teaching them how to make cookies, you may have the next 5-star chef living in your house. Are they interested in Science Fiction? Buy them a telescope, you may just have the next director of SETI…or maybe even the next major Hollywood Producer. What about bugs, frogs and other critters, do they bring what they catch into the house? You may have the next worlds foremost Naturalist: Yes, reading, writing, and math are very important, but really, how much time is devoted to that in Public Education? More time is spent now in public schools teaching kids how to apply birth control devices than more important things. 90% of what I know is self-taught. Richard Branson, a self-made billionaire, dropped out of high school to become an Entrepreneur. The world needs more Independent Individualist Entrepreneurs not Zombie Collectivist Indoctrinates.

    No offense intended to public teachers. I believe for someone to take up that career your heart truly has to be in it to help kids, but IMHO, I think you’re skills would be much better applied starting up a tutoring service or working for a private school. The public system will never be able to pay a good teacher what they are worth, and will always pay a lousy teacher too much.

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