Punctured Mylar Bags

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    I also posted this on the main APN Forum.

    I’m looking for suggestions. I have packed many dry food items using 5 gal. buckets, mylar bags, and oxygen absorbers with good success. These include wheat, rice, and beans. I recently packed Penne Rigate Pasta and and thought everything was OK. I usually leave the tops off my loaded buckets for about a week to make sure the oxygen absorbers do their job and the mylar bags suck up good and tight. Well the pasta, which is pointed on both ends, sucked up and were doing fine. I did notice little points poking the bags from the pasta but no penetration of the bag. After the 6th day the bags sprang leaks and allowed air inside. I could notice little punctures from the pasta on top of the bags. I didn’t see any punctures on the sides of the bags. I guess the sides of the buckets did not allow the pasta to penetrate. I have a lot of this pasta bought and paid for and can not return it since their original containers were opened. If I were a smart person I would have bought a pasta that was rounded and I wouldn’t have this problem.

    Does anyone have any suggestions of how I might be able to pack this pasta without puncturing the bags?

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