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    Calling all preppers in the Putnam county or surrounding areas!!!!!! :clap: We are wanting to get a group started in the Putnam county area and wondering what interest their maybe outside of our little group. I will be bring the skills of gardening, canning, dehydrating food, and have been in the medical field for 28 + years…so can provide some medical training. Plus I’m a Independent Consultant for THRIVE Life previously known as Shelf Reliance, which the background I can show you how to make your food preps last, make meals in a jar, wheat grinding into flour etc… My husband and friends will be bringing the skills of hunting, fishing and of course guns and ammo. We also have family and friends who raise animals….goats, chickens, rabbits etc…so we could use their expertise for talking on that subject at meetings. Would you like to participate and add any new skills to the group or just learn a new skill please contact me on here or email me at logicalprepping@yahoo.com

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