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    We have invited James Talmage Stevens to give the keynote address at the symposium. (Tom, aka NIP, will be on James’ podcast & many of us have also been. He’s a serious supporter & friend of the APN network, and of anyone who is trying to prepare.)

    Author, all-time best-selling preparedness book: *Making the Best of Basics*

    Award-winning radio talk show host: *blogtalkradio.com/James-Talmage-Steven* <http://www.blogtalkradio.com/James-Talmage-Steven>

    *Follow me on these Internet locations:*

    * Blogsite:* *www.FamilyPreparednessGuide.com* <http://www.FamilyPreparednessGuide.com>

    * Preparedness Expo 2010: **www.PreparednessExpo.com* <http://www.PreparednessExpo.com>* ***

    * Become an affiliate:* *http://MakingtheBestofBasics.com/affiliates** *

    */ Prepper-Upper Newsletter/**: **http://familypreparednessguide.com/newsletters/***

    He is interested, but there may be some scheduling issues. (He has a standing commitment for the last weekend of the month.) If he’s not able to figure out how to be here & there at the same time–

    What are the thoughts of those of you who really are thinking of really coming to either pushing it back or up a week?

    Let me know as soon as you can. Sorry to be discombobulated. Thanks!

    (And wow. I “go to town” and come back to see there are 101 new posts since last I checked. Cool!)

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