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    Here was a question emailed to me by a Prepper looking for a community. I told him I’d post here and get member input

    I am writing you about a dilemma that I am facing and wonder if anyone has advice for me on prepping with the following limitations. Like many others out of work, my unemployment won’t last long. Here it is, I’m a new prepper, know what those damn Luciferian communist are up too in the BILDERBERG, CIA, FBI, CFR, TRILATERAL COMMISION, and I expect Ft. Lauderdale where I live now to get extremely dangerous in the following year as the economy spirals down to a long term unrecoverable collapse, spawning riots and multiple forms of anarchy as food supplies vanish from the store shelves and or become to expensive to buy. Aids from a laboratory, mercury in vaccines, the presence of aluminum oxide from the sky in our soil, the attack on the USS LIBERTY, 9 11 and so on? The unthinkable is happening and its not a joke. I have come to believe that the Illuminati is going to procure WWIII and what they refer to as “the final social cataclysm” and my guess is the you guys there at American Preppers are on the same page as I am or at least in the same frame of reference. I fully awakened about 6 months ago and what is sad is that I can’t convince family members to get ready because its so unbelievable.

    What I want to do I can’t afford to do. Own land. I wish I could just squat on some backcountry in the Rockies not accessable from highways and that nowone is using and build a bunker for a possible nuclear/bio attack on the US and live off of the grid. Would you agree that there’s no free land or place to set up a permanent camp or make log cabins in the wilderness anymore? Not even some kind of prepper retreat where one could build a shelter to live in and repay the community within a bartering system or work by offering trade skills, gardening, canning, wiring security devices and monitors, reloading shells, community duties etc… Like a colony or fort? Do you know of any places and/or web sites or contacts. Thank you for your time,


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