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    okie B

    Is there anything that can be done to make a metal item that is showing signs of rust to not be rusty? Okay, I’m tired, this isn’t coming out right, but here’s the deal. I went to a thrift store today and found a counter clamp hand-grind meat grinder (old, heavy iron) for $6.98, but I didn’t get it because the plates that get attached to the front of the grinder were a bit rusty. Two were just kind of flecked, but one was pretty bad. But since it is a food-prep item, I didn’t want to risk the rust, so I didn’t get it. Now I’m starting to question whether or not there wouldn’t be an alternative or remedy to the situation. The grinder itself looked to be in great shape — no rust, handle cranked fine and the drive thingie inside rotated fine. I have no idea if replacement plates would be available or not. Thoughts? Ideas? Should I go back and see if it’s still there?

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