Re-Purposing Small Containers

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    I happen to save my Mentos gum and Altoids containers. I’d actually developed a short term Altoids habit after seeing how the containers could be used, but I’ve gotten a bit better. 🙂

    I was consolidating my unused containers today, and was curious to see how others here are re-using these. Perhaps there’s an idea I could borrow.

    The small metal Altoids containers are commonly used among many Preppers as a small EDC with various items, and can also be used to make char cloth. I also store loose change in these, and was thinking of sorting seeds into them too. Anyone using these for the same or something else?

    The smallest Mentos gum and similar plastic gum containers do have a sealing lid so offer some protection from water. I’ve stored USB thumb drives in these and plan to separate out some bulk size OTC medications and vitamins into these as well. Anyone collecting these containers for other uses?

    Not quite “containers”, but I re-purpose towel and tp cardboard tubes for storing fire-starting dryer lint, and when full I crimp down the ends like those old coin wrappers no one seems to use much anymore. Plastic straws can be used in a similar fashion with the ends melted shut for other items (e.g.- salt or other dried condiments, medications).

    Any other re-purposed small containers worth mention and how are you using or planning to use them?

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