Recessionomics 101: How to Make Extra Money

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    Jennifer Winslow wanted to earn some extra cash without giving up the flexibility of working part time.

    An avid cook, she and a friend initially planned to cater meals for busy families. When that turned out to be too time consuming, she tried baking. More than five years later, she has a thriving bakery business in Winslow, Maine (her husband’s family has been in town a long time).

    Now on her own, she supplies four restaurants with cakes and other sweets and makes desserts for individuals and weddings.

    A growing number of Americans would like to follow Mrs. Winslow’s example. Job loss, tighter credit and a renewed appreciation for savings is persuading more people to cut expenses.

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    The article isn’t particularly insightful, but the concept is. I did something like this in Cincinnati. We lived in the middle of the city, in a community called Northside. A lot of Northsiders were hip & trendy, greenies with young families. I started a business called the Northside Guerilla Farmer. I literally went to people’s homes and taught them how to put in and grow veggie gardens. They paid me!

    If you live in a suburban or urban area, and can grow things, this is a low investment, easy way to pick up some extra money. I had a booth at the local farmers’ market, and set up displays & whatnot. My clients mostly just needed someone to hold their hand– to fill in for Mom since Mom never had a veggie garden.

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