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    I have often thought that if I were in a situation where people outside were looking for people to shoot…the last thing I would want to have to do was to go outside and see who was doing the shooting. I know that a good cctv system can help out a lot. Has anyone considered the use of a 6 wheel (either tracked or not) drone (or maybe I should say “droid”) I am envisioning a 6 wheel atv type vehicle – maybe only 4 feet long and 3 feet wide, low profile, that is capable of maneuvering on either side – in case it is tipped over, powered by electric motors so that it is ultra quiet, but capable of speeds much faster than human speed, made of steel, with some means of defending itself (maybe electricity, smoke bombs, etc a flame thrower??) …certainly with a multitude of cameras and microphones. The attached file is just a crude example to give you an idea. Maybe you can think of it as being a digital watch dog. It could probably be used for a number of other functions as well – keeping sidewalks free of snow, spraying lawns and gardens with fertilizers, etc with a tank strapped onto the top of it.

    I am sure that I am not the first to think about this…can someone give me some suggestions for search words?

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