Recycling?? No.

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    So here’s a challenge.

    For whatever reason, there is no recycling in our county. Say nothing. That’s just the way it is. We are new, and we are not about to be the folks who rock this boat at this time. And yet, here we our in our kitchen with the trash basket labeled “recycling” into which we dutifully place our plastic and glass. And yes, and although we investigated for a few weeks to figure out what to do with our recycling while we hoarded it in the garage (is there recycling in a neighboring county? No. Is there a private… . No.) we still dutifully separate, and then pick up the bag and throw it into the trash along with the rest of the trash. I mean, there’s only so much hoarding one can do.

    The biggest problem is the glass. Aluminum we can hoard and sell. Plastic milk jugs I can put to use. But there is a limit to how many “bottle trees” one farm needs to look kitchy.

    Thoughts? (Do not suggest that we stop drinking beverages that are sold only in green or brown .75 or 1.5L bottles, let alone those sold in multiples of 6. Not going to happen.)

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