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    We all know how important it is to be prepared. Whether you are prepping for a hurricane, a car breakdown, an earthquake or a terrorist attack – you need the right gear at the right time!

    We would like to remind all of you that 2013 Hurricane Season has already began and above-average storm activity is in the cards.

    Many of us undoubtedly remember last year’s Hurricane Sandy. Some communities are still recovering, while others were almost completely wiped off the map. As you may recall, following Sandy, food, water and gasoline supplies became severely disrupted and shortages immediately occurred.

    At Red Flare, we believe that now (more than ever!) it is up to individual citizens to ensure their families’ safety in an emergency.

    To introduce ourselves to the members of the American Preppers Network, and to assist 10 lucky families in their prepping efforts, is giving away over $350 worth of Emergency Supplies!

    Please sign up for the Giveaway here The winner will be announced on September 2, 2013. Register today to make sure you don’t miss this great giveaway!

    About Us
    Since 2006, Red Flare Emergency Supplies has provided families, institutions and the military with high-quality survival gear at rock-bottom prices. We are a family owned and operated emergency preparedness company specializing in first aid supplies, disaster preparedness, shelf-stable food and water, outdoor living, and much more. Visit us at to find special discounts for APN readers!

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