Refugees From America

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    Here in flyover country we get some refugees from California. Yesterday I was helping a homeschooling mother and her children who had fled from a place in N. California that I remember as a very desirable destination nestled in the redwoods not far from the coast. She agreed that it used to be paradise, but it now has one of the highest crime rates in California, and it became too dangerous for her and her children. She explained that the larger cities had pushed many of the homeless out and many are relocating to smaller cities, and the services of these smaller places are not able to cope with the influx. And here I thought the homeless of CA would be mellow in the nice weather, and everyone could get along. There goes another positive image down the drain.

    I may be missing something, but it seems odd that San Francisco is a sanctuary for illegal immigrants, but evidently has little tolerance for our homegrown homeless.

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