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    It’s that time again our next meet up is the 12th of October and I’m still looking for people that want to cover the three twenty minute subjects of this meet up. I had a couple folks mention things but I haven’t gotten anyone to firm things up yet. I was hoping to have Rick from SSI (Surge Suppressors Incorporated) speak with us but he had a previous commitment. I hope we can get Rick soon to explain about surge suppression and EMP protection.

    I hope people have been looking around in their closets and storage to find a few things for our pay it forward program. I think it is something that should continue because people seemed to have fun going down and picking things out. I have bought new tickets for that drawing and I think we will try and have a fifty/fifty drawing if people want to try that. We can use the profits for the pay it forward give always and a few other things. That means we will need a volunteer to be the treasurer and we will need a lock box so if anyone has one they can spare that would be something we could us.

    The Dothan group has been very busy and arranged for training classes at meet ups and on weekends. They pay for instructors to meet with them some times at meet up and sometimes on weekend that individuals pay as they go. When and if we get enough members I would like to do the same one day. We could pay for gas money and a lunch if someone comes in and teaches certain subjects. They are also working on an overnighter which I also think is a great idea. I have been forwarding their emails to you all for information to share. I would also like to go up there to one of their meet ups one month if anyone is interested. Ginger keep us pretty well informed of there progress.
    The Atlanta NPS Expo is coming up soon and I still plan on going if nothing changes. Dee and I are going up early Saturday and we will stay overnight and try and make some seminars Sunday also. If anyone else is interested please get up with me. I am hoping to catch up with some of the folks from Dothan while we are there and have diner. Check out the NPS Expo site at has raised their prices back up on their Augason Farms products. They had them marked down for almost a month and I took advantage of the mark downs and so did several others in the group. One of my shipments got banged up a little and I took them back to the Crestview store for a refund. I then noticed that they had eliminated the markdowns so I emailed them and they said they would still honor the mark down prices for my replacements. You can’t ask for much better service. This month they have fewer items marked down but they still have some available. I also picked up some Mountain House buckets from them. My order was made and they honored the pledge. With free shipping and no tax on food this works out for me very well. Walmart beat the Augason Farms site on prices and I don’t mind a bit.

    The site is not exactly buzzing with activity. Dragonlady and Willbkool make regular visits and I try and welcome any newcomers that sign in. We did set another new record on the site. Most users ever online were 19 on Wed Oct 02, 2013 8:40 AM. I post meet up information on the site so please sign in and join in and let’s share information and ideas.

    Speaking of ideas I want to talk with everybody and gather your ideas and what you are willing to help with. This is your group and one person cannot keep this group going. I am available most of the time and am very willing to chat and listen. My phone number is 850 and my personal email is dguy. We are also looking for experts to give talks if anyone has contacts in the 7th Special Forces or the Army Ranger Camp. There is a training group in Destin and an Emergency Preparedness store if anyone gets by there make some contacts and silicate some help or donations. I understand there is also a new store on Lewis Turner north of the Fair Grounds.

    I spoke to Mike Wilson from Trailside Outfitter he said he will make this meet up for a talk on ??????? . Trailside has a site at Trailside sells camping and hiking gear along with kayaks and other items that our members might find interesting.

    The last meet up we had twenty people show up and ten people that had not been to a meet up before. It’s getting a little crowded but I think we are still good for a while. Again if you have a couple folding chairs please bring them in case we need them. If you do volunteer to do a talk that might need a table let me know I have a small folder that can be used. I used it for my talk on vacuum packing.

    I think this is a great deal so I will repost it. Lowe’s in Crestview still has $40 ACU-RITE weather alert radios for $10 marked down on clearance in the outdoor section near the hoses. I have one and just bought 3 more. As of Friday several others have been bought. Once set up these radios monitor the local area automatically and when an emergency accrues they turn on and inform you that something is happening. They are most useful for severe storms and tornados but also cover chemical and other dangerous hazards. The radios operate on the public alert system and are S. A. M. E. (specific area message encoding) compliant. They also operate with power out because they have a battery backup system. I don’t know about other Lowe’s stores having them but at this price they are worth every penny and a quick check. There were about eight left last night. This is invaluable equipment also ACU-RITE is a top rated company with very good reviews on most of their equipment. If you can’t find them in the Crestview store then call me. I will guide you to them. 850. The SAME code for Okaloosa County Florida is (012091).

    I will post a clean copy of this letter to the site as I always do and also forward a copy to our sister group in the Dothan area so they can repost it to their members. I will also send out a reminder next week and hopefully I will have a schedule worked out with some speakers/trainers.
    Attached is the poster for our meet up and anyone that wants to print up a couple and post them at key locations is more that welcome to and hand them out to interested parties.

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