Releasing the JFK files.. a warning to the deep state??

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    I am asking myself if the JFK Files and their release…is a warning to the DEEP STATE about any plans they have for changing the government here in the USA.

    I expect the files to be heavily edited..or blacked out…but it is the warning which concerns me here.

    I do think that way back then.. the JFK assassination was a DEEP STATE project….deep within the STATE to maintain the status quo of who was the real government of these UNITED STATES. I think that Trump and Company, like JFK, represent a danger to the DEEP STATE in the running of this country.

    I do think that the public face of the DEEP STATE apparatus is desperate for their MASTERS….to return to their former STATUS QUO….and thus further hide the real movers and shakers who run our government….while securing their power over the country.

    I do not think that this, JFK, was the first time a President was put in a corner or “Retired” by the DEEP STATE.

    I think William McKinley was “Retired ” for the purpose of putting their DEEP STATE boy into the office..Teddy Roosevelt.

    I think that Woodrow Wilson had enough of the DEEP STATE apparatus after the Versailles Treaty ending WW1 and their torpedoing of Wilson’s Fourteen Points of the PeaceTreaty.

    Someone tried to Poison Woodrow Wilson and it became the job of Edith Gault Wilson to protect her husband in the White House from DEEP STATE Predators. Edith Gault Wilson became the defacto President of the United States and controlled who came to see her husband to protect him from DEEP STATE Predators trying to finish the job.

    I think the DEEP STATE got rid of Franklin Roosevelt when they had finished with him in office after four terms. He knew way to much of their dirty laundry.

    I think the DEEP STATE moved in big time to control this government after the American Civil War and has never let go since then but consolidated their power by way of manipulations of two phony political parties…the Left and right..using and misusing a Hegelian Dialectic on the America People…to get them to vote one way or another for two phony political parties….good cop/bad cop.
    I think this phony manipulated fa├žade by the DEEP STATE has today heavily dropped before the view of the American Public by the actions of the Republican Party in demonstrating that they are phony conservatives.

    And I think Trump and Company represent a danger to this Hegelian Dialectic…of control over America and are dismantling this technique..bringing it out into the Light wherein they desire never to go. The technique of the DEEP STATE seems to require this kind of duality…good cop/bad cop to control the gullible American Public …see Jonathan Gruber.

    You must always have a bad guy on whom to focus so that you do not detect what is going on behind the curtain.

    This is why I think the JFK release is a warning to the DEEP STATE….a warning about their history….known mostly and only in certain circles.

    The members here do not have to buy into this ..but the timing of this release is to me …very strange….even ominous in lieu of the political situation going on out here…the very manipulated/manufactured political turmoil.

    My .02,


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