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    So I’ve been trying to “study” different best safe places as a relocation for several years, though I do have a retreat a mile down a dirt road surrounded by 3,000 acres with only a few houses. I have found a really unique spot that i wrote about somewhat in the post two doors down, but with all of my searching I have had to throw winter depression in the mix and now I want to be somewhere where the temps generally don’t go below 40F. My super awesome spot that I found has only 1 disadvantage and that is that there is a winter there though more mild than here in Maine. So now I’m just frustrated. Hawaii would be ideal save that the people have major issues and the gun restrictions and that it will probably not exist in a war.

    Requirements to be willing to uproot and move to a new location for the purpose of it being the BEST possible retreat location—

    Mild winters. Snow on ground must melt away regularly with temps generally in the 40’s or higher for the primary winter months.
    Mild summers. I don’t want to have the opposite problem with having to live from a air conditioner like I do with the winter problem. Can get hot and can get cold, just all around generally mild. Blue ridge area in NC for example is like this.
    Very few natural disasters such as earth quakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, super volcanoes, floods.
    Higher elevation. Not because of poles flipping, but earthquakes could cause problems with flooding and also higher elevation would help with hot summers.
    Not anywhere near the coast.
    Must have good source of water preferably from natural springs.
    Low population. Good distance from large and medium size cities. And at least 1 hour drive from any city size of 50,000+
    Good overall mentality of the people / low crime.
    Two very important items- must be in a “mountainous farmy” area. In other words the people are farmers and they are also mountain folk. If you don’t know the reason for this then give it some deep consideration. All in all I would prefer to be amongst a people who generally are survivors and generally grow / raise their own food. Look up a map of “cattle per 100 acres” in the USA. Farmy area means you can reasonable expect that you can grow food and so can your neighbors. Also mountainous areas are generally easier to defend if there were to be a collapse and the people were to stick together. Note that if you were to go onto a google earth type map and look at the topography of the land you CAN see what areas are “farmy”. To give you an idea look at Sauton, VA and Amarillo, TX and you will SEE that there are farms there. You can also SEE that based upon the cattle per 100 acre map. There is HUGE reasoning behind this. One can only stock pile so much food before it becomes necessary to think about growing it. I live in a spot right now were I can’t grow food very well. We have goats, chickens, rabbits and it is all insufficient to live off of. And stocks only last till they run out so being somewhere with food potential is better. Also, there is more to it than that. Being somewhere that generally raises their animals as GRAZING animals vs. shoving them in stalls and feeding them commercially raised grain is not going to be a long term solution without the equipment or fuel to grow the grain. AKA grass feed beef! Do you have a prepper group that is located at a large grass fed beef farm in a warm area away from populace? I’m in!
    Must have good hunting and national forest areas around.
    Somewhere to go to work even if you need to commute for 1 hour each way.
    Lower crime rates would be nice.

    So with all of that said does anyone know of such a place? I dogged on Texas on the other post, but seriously, Texas has lots of nice country and ideal winters, but from my gathering the summers are a death trap and don’t you think they will get invaded by Mexico? Really looking for some insight on Texas.

    I can’t think of anywhere else really… Can’t be a desert because you can’t grow food in a desert. Or if you’ve mastered growing food with no water and soil then great, but I’m not going to depend on “space farming”.

    At this point I’m pretty open to new ideas and that is why I am writing here as i’ve spent 5+ years considering this but more so the last year. If I could find a group to join in a Warmer area like that described in Jon Hollermans book that would be most ideal. I have posted previously “Fully prepped christian family looking for serious group in N.AR” or something like that for a better detailed description of us and what we would like to find in a group.

    Another note, I hate Florida. Most of my family lives there. I try not to go there…but I do remember that central ocala area has lots of grass fed beef and national forest. Do you think the cows get large amounts of protein from eating red ants? JK
    What do you think about FL? My fear of FL is that there is way to many people and that it will someday be part of the atlantic!

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