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    For those of you who have eyes that see and ears that hear you know where we are in this nation. You know how far we have to go. If you listen to I Am Liberty than you know there is a way. If you don’t Listen to I Am LIberty every day you wait to tune in you are losing time to help save this country. 8 ET on or LIVE 7 ET on

    Its through building strong sustainable communities and breaking our dependence on the government. There are key initiatives that are necessary to this movement. Mentoring, Community Agriculture, Co op Business, Time Banks and Barter as well as building energy independence within the community and tangible wealth like gems and precious metals. Giving communities the ability to trade outside of borders for its needs.

    Look for the movement website coming soon There will be a forum as well so you can share your progress in rebuilding our nation. Its up to us.

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