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    Charles O McVey Sr.

    I live on the West Slope of the Colorado Rocky Mtns. I am 75 years young, Married and the Legal Guardian of my Grand Daughter. I have been through 3 CBR School Programs in the Army, as well as having Graduated from the Army Mountain Survival School in 1968, Desert Survival School in 1973, and Jungle Survival School in 1978. I went through the Survival Escape and Evasion School in 1964 while at Fort Benning GA, Assigned to the 11th Air Assault Division (Test) later to become the First Cavalry Division (Air Mobile) and serve in Nam 65-66 Third BDE.
    I served two years in the District of Confusion (Washington DC) 66-68 Armed Forces Military Police. I think you get the general picture about me but there is one other Item I must relate in all honesty, I am a 100% Permanently and totally Disable Veteran but far from being dead.

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