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    I’ve been playing around a new load for my Type 99 Japanese battle rifle (Arisaka). I had a good load worked up with Hornady 150gr. SST’s & IMR 3031 but since either aint available currently I’ve been tinkering on a new reload for it. I started on this rifle over 28 yrs off & on, from a original Type 99 Japanese battle rifle (Arisaka) to this custom sporter. I wanted kept it in its original caliber for nostalgia reasons but with more modern techology. I done most of the work myself with the exception of the barrel work done by Bailey’s Signature Firearms. I went with a Shilen match grade .311 heavy barrel with 11 degree match crown. The stock was a 3/4 partial finished inletted stock by Bishop, which I shaped & finished & bedded after Bob’s work with the barrel. I had the stock since I own the rifle (28 plus yrs). My finish on the barrel & action is a baked-on Moly called “Gun Metal Blue” satin finish with SOCOM Black Moly on the bolt, bolt release, bolt handle & the interior of the action. I finished the stock with paste grain filler, stained in a medium oak, & applied Tru Oil, 25 coats, each coat buffed down. The rifle sling was custom made by Lever Gun Leather Works I went with Vortex Optics 3X9X44mm, Timney Trigger set @ 2.5lbs, I bedded Bishop Stock, I drilled & taped the receiver , heated & bent the bolt in a downward position. Took a blank picatinny rail and machined (milled) the bottom to the exact radius as the receiver and duplicated the holes to match the ones on the receiver I done earlier. Then I milled out a indent right above the ejection port of the picatinny rail so the loaded round can be easier loaded or dispensed. The new load I work up using 150 gr. PRVI PARTIZAN SPBT (soft point boat tails), 42.2 gr. IMR 4064, PRVI PARTIZAN cases, Winchester large primers. I like 5 shot groups on a rifle and were shot @ 100 yards. This will be the 1st year this rifle will got out to the deer woods for hunting.

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