Rhode Island Meetup 3/20/2012

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    Okay, let’s get the ball rolling…

    Here is a strawman proposal for a state-wide meet-up. I propose meeting open to anyone at 7pm on 3/20/2012 at the Dunkin Donuts located just off I-95 at 27 Jefferson Boulevard, Warwick, RI. Social meeting to add a few faces to the APN handles.

    I propose that particular date and time for no particular reason other than to set a default if we can’t think of a better date and time.

    I propose that location because it should be fairly easy to get to, find, familiar, and doesn’t demand you buy much more than a cup of coffee, but I’m open other ideas too.

    I am certain that there are better times, dates, and locations, but if we can’t get enough people to agree on anything else, let’s meet there.

    Agenda: shake a few hands with kindred spirits

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