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    1st I hope this doesn’t violate any rules on the site. Since the LDS Cannery in Virginia (Chesterfield Airport) no longer sells in bulk except for #10 cans, it has been impossible to find food in bulk 25# bags. I have finally found a source that will sell in eith 25# or 100# bags for the what is needed. The only restriction is that there is a $500 minimum for an entire group order. Doesn’t matter what an individual orders as long as the total for the group reaches $500.

    Name 100# bag 25# box
    Great Northern 90.00 23.00
    Red Kidney 102.00 25.00
    Navy 84.00 21.00
    Pinto 66.00 20.00
    Black Eye peas 108.00 30.00
    Baby Lima’s 119.00 35.00
    Green Split peas 72.00 n/a

    This is a lot cheaper that buying 1 pound bags in the store. The Wholesale supplier assured me they are grown in Virginia and can be picked up at their warehouse in Richmond. Sounds like a good deal to me.

    If interested please contact me at: Moderator note: Spelling out and spacing your e-mail address is STILL posting your e-mail address in the open forum! Use the PM function!!! If it happens again, your post WILL be removed.

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