Rocky Mountain Life Zones

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    Dear friends,
    The following information is taken from my book Sacred Places of Refuge. A tremendous amount of research has gone into this book, including ongoing expeditions into the Rockies, finding water, snow shoeing, camping in the snow and conducting resource assessments. We plan to expand these expeditions through the coming months. If you’re interested in accompanying us, let me know.

    I will occasionally post information from my perspective as a farm boy, master gardener and naturalist. My hope is that we can explore these subjects together and develop a team of experts that can be helpful to those that are sincerely interested in preparing. I think this could be a valuable exchange in growing to understand the significant challenges we will face as the world we know disappears.

    The Rockies are truly a unique characteristic of our country. As I’ve conducted my research, it’s almost as if Heavenly Father has carefully prepared a specific place of refuge and placed the headquarters of his church right next to it. There are four “Life Zones” in the Rockies; each with its own flora and fauna, and each with its own unique resources and challenges. They are…

    Foothill – 6,000 to 7,500 feet
    Montane – 7,500 to 9,000 feet
    Subalpine – 9,000 to 11,500 feet
    Tundra – Above 11,500 feet

    The most safe and habitable areas will be the Montane and Subalpine zones. We may think of these areas as being limited. But in reality, the are vast and beautiful, encompassing over 10 million acres in Utah alone. The resources in these areas are plentiful, but we must learn how to use them safely and how to conserve them.

    I look forward to working together to better understand these beautiful areas. Thank You,

    Roland D. Robison

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