Roll Call for August 21st

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    Hello again Preppers!!
    I hope everyone in GA has had some good rain showers like I have in the last week, we were really getting dry.
    I have had a good week..made several shopping trips and saved a lot of cash!! I am finding that Publix’s grocery is a gem mine…their BOGO sales has really helped me stock up on basic items for daily use, plus I have had coupons to use on the BOGO items and saved even more. Yesterday I shopped and bought $236 worth of products but only paid $134 at check out. That sounds like a real winner to me!!
    This week I also took receipt of my new base camp stove…been so busy I have not even had time to get it out of the box! I also took a class on solar oven cooking and ordered me a solar oven.
    Need to get busy and can a big pork loin roast I bought on sale this week. Hope everyone had a great week, let us hear from you so we know you are ok. If you made any progress in your preps…big or small…please share, this keeps us all motivated.
    Remember our retreat get together is coming up the weekend of Sept 24th…try to come for a bit of the meeting if you possibly can. We can build trust among ourselves and build friendships that may see us through a crisis. Best wishes to all!! :clap:

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