Roll Call for August 28th

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    Goodness, I can hardly believe that next week is September!! I have noticed the change in the direction of the sun as the seasons are changing and am certainly ready for fall.
    I wanted to mention a couple of things that have been on my mind…I need to review my immunization records and go to the Health Dept or family doc for boosters. It would be bad to get a small injury in a crisis situation and die for want of a tetanus booster. So I encourage everyone to review their records and get boosters.
    All is well with me, could not get the mower to run but thankfully my daughter and a friend did some troubleshooting…the battery was dry…lol. I learn something new with each break down of that darn thing.
    My solar oven came but wouldn’t you know it, we have had clouds a lot the last few days. Farside and I attended a great Meet-Up group down the Macon way and had a class on Communications, single side band radios, CB’s and touched on HAM radios. Great info and great folks!!
    Let us hear from everyone so we know all is well and share any preps you might have done.

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