Roll Call for Sept 04

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    Open the windows and let the cooler air in!! Man it feels good today, sure hope the weather is this nice for our Retreat in just 20 days!!
    Really gettin serious abouthe BOB today…lol. How to get the proverbial whale in a sardine can…lol.
    Canned 8 pints of chicken breast this week, did more coupon shopping for medium term storage items. Farside found me 3 super dark granite cooking pans with lids for my solar oven. No excuse not to get out and try my hand at solar cooking now…Farside is the King of yard sale shopping. He finds the neatest stuff for a song!
    Am tyring to get my well man to come and answer some electrical questions so I can get a solar man to come and install solar panel-battery system to pump my well water.
    I am beginning to think maybe I should just go with learning to be a HAM radio for Communications…I want to be able to contact folks all around the GA area.
    Farside compiled a list of all the people who have checked in at APN since Jan 01…32 people in total. Some have only been online once…Farside and I are going to try and contact them to let them know we have a lot of activity on the GA Board now and encourage them to join us.
    Check in and let us know how your week went.

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