Roll Call for Sept 18

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    This time next week we will be at our first retreat get together!! The time has gone by so fast since Farside and I began planning this event. I hope that everyone who can will stop by if even for just a few hours so we can get to know each other. We have a lot of great talent on the GA Board and I look forward to learning from you and sharing my humble skills.
    With the challenge from Farside to demo Canning with no electricity…I canned 6 pints of meat yesterday on my StoveTech base camp stove. Let me tell you…that was a harrowing 2 plus hours, worried that the darn pressure canner might explode being on a fire stove…but I lived to tell the tale. :clap:
    I won’t mention how long it took me to clean the soot from my nice shiny pressure canner, but it looks back to normal. I learned the secret will be in regulatig the fire so that I am not constantly having a large sooty flame, maybe trying charcoal as a fuel, plus finding a cast iron plate to put on the stove so that the canner doesn’t come in direct contact with the flame…this will cut down on the soot plus I won’t have to worry that my plastic handles will melt.
    I also canned my first butter at home this week…it sure is pretty in the half pint jars. Will keep you posted on how the butter holds up…there has been much banter online among ladies as to the safety of this proceedure.
    Touch base with us here…and get your BOB and head for the hills next weekend to meet up with!!

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