Roll Call – What have you been doing to prepare?


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    My garden this year failed. So I have bought from a local farmer to put up food for the winter. I am having a fall garden so hopefully it will be better Next week I plan to make a stock up run to add some pantry items. I have 2 questions
    I was wondering when the truck driver shortage would begin to show on the store shelves
    And can someone explain in dumb people terms the solar minimum. I still can’t seem to grasp it.


    Still kicking around down here in Florida. We’re checking the National Hurricane Center website daily and hoping we don’t get any this year.


    Moved to Minneapolis for a new job, but now working on moving back to Oklahoma City. Also bought a much more dependable vehicle!


    arkie still here. kinda lost my groove the last year or two. No major crises, just the grind. this chick ain’t a quitter, I”ll git my “shtuff” together.
    note to self…..prep on


    What I did today to Prep

    Removed EMP proof storage box from truck to inspected contents and
    Recharged hand held 2 meter radios and hand held GPS
    Recharged Nook tablet with survival pdf’s
    Replaced spare AA batteries with fresh ones
    Updated list of local comms frequencies for 2 meter and 440

    Closed it up and put back in vehicle.


    cellengrac asked:

    I was wondering when the truck driver shortage would begin to show on the store shelves

    It isn’t showing up at the groceries, and won’t unless it gets worse.
    The local truck driving school can’t seem to keep up with the demand for their drivers, though.

    And can someone explain in dumb people terms the solar minimum. I still can’t seem to grasp it.

    Imagine a swimming pool with the water sloshing back and forth. The sun goes through cycles of storms, hot spots, and stuff. Solar minimum is like all the water in that pool all being at one end, and Solar maximum is all the water being at the other end.

    Doesn’t really matter which end the water is, however. Earth can get a major splash on any day, and that would really mess up our lifestyles for a while.

    DeepSea1985 asked:

    Removed EMP proof storage box from truck to inspected

    Ugg, pulled mine and I have a crack in one corner.
    It is Aluminum, so I can reseal it with aluminum tape, but I am wondering how to give it some structural strength so it doesn’t crack again, or further.

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    Illini Warrior

    in regard to fixing that aluminum box – get a pack of the 2 part epoxy mix metalizing patch – patch your corner crack – then strengthen the corners & edge integrity of the box by using the same patch epoxy >>> do all 8 corners first and then start on the connecting the corners with patch material ….

    the stuff dries realllll fast – only mix a little at a time ….


    In response to your question about the solar minimum, to fully understand it would take a lengthy lecture, the simple terms for it is that the sun has seen a minimum of sunspots over a long period time, this is allowing for more radiation from space to to hit the earth, this event is weakening our magnetic field and affecting things like volcanoes it is what is being put into the atmosphere by these events that is of concern. It is also causing more earthquakes. It is also affecting the crops grown around the world, there have been major crop losses across the globe due to a bad spring or dry summer, in some places they had to actually kill their herds because the farmers did not have enough feed. over on Youtube there are people who are keeping up with all this.. but that is a very quick update, i tried to keep it in laymans terms.. but that is what they are not telling you. You can look up Iceagefarmer, adapt2030 and the oppenheimer ranch project .. the world is there is climate change, but not what they are telling you.. get out there and research.. we need to prepare for a cooling period..


    Thanks. now I just need to find epoxy metalizing patch 🙂

    Illini Warrior

    almost any store from Wally World to Home Depot ….


    We retired the homestead, now prep in a condo and have lots of info/intel if you want to help think it thru with us? No worries the kids and grandkids have our farm/retreat.
    Still the most important task is to build our MAG. In NEWi visit


    Organized my garage to better store water and gas can more effectively. It’s easier to get to and see the rotation dates. Starting work on a comm plan for a group. Developing a standard frequency list is challenging.

    Been adding parts an Gunsmithing tools to my preps. Gathering an inventory of firearms from the group. Starting a library for repairing basics: ARs, shotguns, pistols. Hoping folks will provide books or manuals for their weapons so I don’t have to do it in PDF form.

    Wife is out of town next weekend so I have some bush rafting projects to do. Last time I played with my fire starting tools, made liquid detergent, fire briquettes from recycled paper. I have CERT/MRC training and a presentation to some newbie Preppers.


    Husband did most of the “prep” work today…clearing land, removing some mesquite, and re-trenching our driveway stormwater runoff to the pond (or rather, what USED to be, and eventually will again be, the pond.)


    Alive and well. Always lurked here and don’t know if I ever posted or even registered. Had to move back to the Northeast. Preps now are strictly financial, meaning getting out of debt. Have tried finding a group up here in NH, but no luck so far.

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