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    i sit here and think of things that i might need to make my ability to survive easier in a scenario that does not offer all the comforts needed to complete whatever task i might need to complete. i do this all day everyday, and i was just wondering, has anyone put any value in rope. i have.

    rope will be your friend in the end and if you learn how to use it well. i would like to see what others think on how to use rope in different ways to help make your day a little better. so post it here and tell us how you would use rope in a helpful manner.

    remember rope is light to carry and it can fit on the exterior of your bug out bag. it is handy for a ton of different uses.

    here is one idea:

    You are walking in in-climate weather with other people in poor visibility. break out the rope loop it around your waist run it back about 4 foot and do the same for the next person. keeps you together and if someone lags you will know it. this way no one gets lost. its a security blanket. i would personally use D rings that way if needed you can unhook from the rope quickly and go into defense mode or act accordingly to any situation that might arise.

    sorry gang but i think of stuff like this, maybe i am a little crazy but the world is getting ready to get a little crazy (i hope not, but the possibility is ever present)

    so please share your ideas and lets teach one another

    happy prepping

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