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    My son-in-laws came over and gave me a flyer from rural king, never heard of them, but there is a store up in clearfield county.

    Anyway, they’re going up after they take advantage of a free turkey lunch. There are alot of weapons, ammo, etc on sale today. They are both going to get DPMS Oracle Ar-15, .223/5.56 on sale for 469.99.

    I’m not going but I’m giving them $230.00 to pick up 2000 round of UMC remington 9mm ammo, after rebate it’s only
    $5.39/box of 50.

    You can look up or for items on sale. Wife gave them money for 18 oz. candles, on sale for $1.49 each, she’s getting 20 of them.

    Hope this can help somebody that’s looking save of few bucks.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

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