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    :caution: :caution: I’ve been having a terrible time getting on the APN site. This is what is slow:

    (1) First, it won’t even load … and that’s from my saved tab AND from doing a search for APN and trying to get in! It takes several minutes to just get on!

    (2) Once I get on, site won’t load the Portal or Board Index, when I enter my log-in information. I get this: [attachment=0:3p9lmeee]Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 9.24.48 AM.png[/attachment:3p9lmeee] (Even when I tried to load this photo, the site just scrolled and did not load)

    (3) This is happening on ALL my devices: Lap Top, Phone & Ipad. I have NO problem getting on any other site anywhere else on the net … including other forums.

    (4). When I finally get onto the portal or board index, I click on a topic and again … it does not load for many minutes or just times out with the ‘Problem loading Page’ message.

    It has taken me until this morning to make this post, and I’ve been trying, since last night!

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