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    It has been long since we have gone for a family trip. Although my kids used to ask always to take them for a trip, due to my busy schedule, I never used to get time. But this year during their summer vacation, I have promised them that I will take them for a 5-day trip. They are really thrilled and waiting for that day.

    I thought that my parents would be there at home when we go for the trip. As they are afraid to stay alone at home, they are planning to stay at my brother’s house. So no one will be there at home when we go. The chance of burglar attack is more if there is no one at home. I think there is no other way to secure the house when you are away from other than a home alarm system. I would like to know what are the other precautions to be taken while going for a family trip. My kids are very excited about the trip. They have already started the preparations.

    I won’t be at peace to leave my house unless I ensure its security and safety. That is one of the main reasons that I have posted in this forum, hoping that I would get the suggestions.

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