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    Well I was gifted a very classy old sailboat a month ago, was literally givens a Hallberg RASSY 33 foot Mistral sailboat. She’s a 1970 model with hull id#6, made in Sweden in the era of thick fiberglass hulls.

    I pulled the Perkins 4-108m engine and am rebuilding her here in my town. She’s seven hours south, so I’m trying to get her into shape, which frankly is just going over systems. New main sail, lots of cleaning. Mounting the monitor self steering, and learning the electronics.

    I want to re wire her, for peace of mind. I had a zodiac 10 foot hard bottom I had loaned to the sheriffs offices, 15 years ago. Frankly I’d forgotten about the zodiac, until a few weeks ago, when a marine deputy asked me to,come recover my hard bottom.

    Picked up a Johnson 9.9 two stroke motor, fuel tank, and fuel bulb, plus engine stand, for 400.00 and she fricking rips. Towed my 33 to the Crane this past Monday to pull the motor, as I had detected fresh water in the crank case, and thought a thorough inspection and re build were a reasonable next step.

    Discovered zero damage to the lower bearings rods or other major engine components. So we’re doing some engine mods, basically pre maintance, like new water pumps, belts, hoses, fuel lift, and upgraded to a 120 A alternator.

    Headed back next week to closely review the fuel tank, and fresh water tank, clean the bilge area, clean the engine cavity, and repaint. And attempt to refit the boat, bow to stern.

    Hoping to be “done with the refit, by November 1, so I can sail north up the coast to Brookings Oregon, her new home port.

    This sailboat is awesome, and in fantastic shape. She does need a few things but nothing major. Came with near new sails, two genoa’s two jibs, a bag, and what I believe to be a genniker lite wind sail.

    Im headed to Alaska next summer, via the inland coastal highway. 60/90 days. If she performs like I think she will, it’s off to the South Pacific the following spring. Im 60 now and not used to living a boring life, like I am now.

    I’d rather die while living a great adventure then on my butt, eating Bon

    im open to any and all suggestions regarding ” how to” I have a Hunter 25 here on the local lake, and been a fleet champ here, but literally have zero open water experience.

    Help me out.


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