Satsuma oranges

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    From what I have read,Satsuma oranges can be grown in parts of SC. I didn’t know this until MouseToes :clap: told me.I checked with some on-line,but out of state nurseries. Problem…the out of state nurseries cannot ship to SC, or from what I understand, anywhere out of their state.

    Anyhoo….I finally found a SC nursery that had them and was able to purchase two. They had some in an orchard which were loaded with fruit,sampled one and it was good!! :drool: We were told to plant on south side next to our house, and how to protect them from the cold. (Some folks farther north grow them in pots…take them inside in the winter…)

    For anyone near Florence who is looking for citrus that may grow in our area,the nursery is McKenzie Farms. It is located between Scranton and Olanta. I believe the hwy. is 341. Check their web site to be sure. They’re open Mon.-Sat.

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