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    Loss of communication – Prepare Now!
    If this site goes down, assuming you want to maintain a route of communication (I do), then it needs to be worked out before it happens. I’m a member on another site that has been down for days, and of course there was no advance warning (pretty sure it was hacked).

    My Ham radio is also offline because a downed power line took out the antenna. And I went to the ATM last night, and there was a message on it that Windows wouldn’t boot (maybe they were hacked too). None of this is critical yet, but these little glitches are an early warning of how things can go wrong.

    So, while we have this, if you want to be able to stay in touch when things go wrong, arrange for contact now by email or whatever means you prefer. I have an email I will share by PM but I don’t want to post it in this part of the forum that is scanned by the search engine bots. Chat, IM, or other websites are all possibilities. Redundancy is good. And you don’t realize how much you’ll miss some things until they’re gone.

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