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    2m Ham is the best for local contact and there are local repeaters all over the state. Linked repeater systems could fill the gap in distant links not normally available to 2m Ham. The only statewide linked repeater effort I know of is HEARTS, which is for hospitals in emergencies. [Healthcare Emergency Amateur Radio Team (SCHEART)] The page at that link says anyone can use their repeaters and they will only be restricted in emergencies and exercises. That is good; but, emergencies is also the time we most want to be able to use them.

    So, I think we should prepare and practice by testing which repeaters other than our own local ones that we can reach from our homes or high ground in our local area. By hitting neighboring repeaters, we might be able to establish near statewide communication on 2m. It would be more like using repeaters as relays than truly linked repeaters, but “whatever works.” The best thing about it is it doesn’t require any new systems, or support of any outside organization. It’s “making do,” and “gittin ‘er done.” It will require cooperation and mutual assistance to test and implement.

    Here is one list of repeaters in SC, but I know it is not complete. SC repeaters

    This is meant to be part of the SC Communications Networking effort, but I wanted a separate thread for this.

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