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    We have this forum. And the SCPreppersNetwork blog.
    But we still don’t really have a communication system for when the internet is down and/or power is out.

    I know of other systems that have been started but IMO they aren’t getting the job done. I think we need some new ideas. We definitely need more, cooperative people.

    To start with, I want to list some of the possible modes of communication. Each may be useful in some way depending on circumstances. You can give your feedback on each.
    Email – check at least once/day, preferably more often
    IRC or web forum – place to gather when news breaks
    Telephone – land line and/or cell, call tree style contact?
    HAM – is TECH enough, if so what band?
    U.S. Mail – for exchange of info that is not urgent
    MeetUp – preferably at prearranged locations

    I know people are reluctant to share real names, phone #s and addresses with strangers. But… it may be worth the risk; you decide! It might help if there was a trusted third party who could hold the names and address data until a crisis. Anyone know of such an organization? Also, as an option for those who are comfortable sharing, it would be good to know if anyone has a particular area of expertise or training relevant to emergencies or survival situations.

    These are just preliminary thoughts, but I feel like we need to be doing more. It will take cooperation and effort from all to make a go of it.

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