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    If you are interested in the concept and have thoughts about how to make a mutual assistance effort work on the ground during a disaster scenario in the South Carolina area, please post your ideas here. If you don’t believe it has a chance of ever working, no need to elaborate, I know it’s unlikely to ever get off the ground. This is not a place to join a local MAG – we are looking at a level above that, although possibly involving coordination among such groups where they may exist. Also, this is not a list where you can simply signup to participate – not yet – that wil be handled separately and probably privately if and when we get that far.

    Some things to consider/discuss are:
    (numbered for convenience not importance)
    1. how much info you’re willing to share
    2. how you can contribute or participate
    3. if/how to screen participants
    4. how to communicate or share info
    5. safety and security of all involved
    6. if/how to share resources
    7. if/how to use existing organizational systems
    8. whether to establish new organizational system(s)
    9. what not to do
    10. when to begin implementing the plan

    This is partly prompted by a thread in the Announcements section here where the forum owner asks for “Thoughts and Ideas” about cooperating with another internet-based national group. This is considered a separate effort however.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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