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    If you have something on your mind regarding SC that either doesn’t fit one of the categories and/or just doesn’t warrant creating it’s own thread, you’re welcome to post here in this thread.

    For me . . .

    Political ads on TV are driving me nuts. Does anybody really take these guys seriously? Even our state emergency management director is getting involved! We do have a political section here if anyone wants to start a more detailed discussion.

    The lack of regular rain is either killing my veggies or running me ragged trying to keep the garden watered. Last summer was tough but this spring has already been worse so I’m kind of dreading what may be coming, or not coming in terms of rainfall.

    The other thing driving me batty lately (besides no jobs available!) is trying to work with government employees on volunteer programs for emergency preparedness. They seem to think they have it all covered without our help.

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