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    Hi Keith and company,
    My oldest really wants to start joining in on the teen site, but is almost 12, so he feels a bit young. :blush: :unsure: Anyway, he wanted to let you all know that the scout camping season has started, and that there are tons of great skill you can learn by scouting. He will be doing a camp-out this weekend, where they will be working on:
    MB Leather work
    Archery :thumbsup:
    MB Space Expl
    Map & Compass
    Outdoor Cooking
    Ropes & Knots
    BB Gun :gunsmile:
    Axe, Knife, & Saw
    First Aid
    Aside from the space exploration Merit badge :clap: , ALL of this is great prepping knowledge. As a parent I would encourage everyone to become a scout if you can. Also, Parents/adults, by Volunteering, you get to learn the same stuff and more. I know our local troop has a hard time due to lack of leaders, so I would like to ask you all to consider giving up some of your time, to help the young people in your area learn some of the important life skills.
    Ok, I’m done. 🙂

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