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    I’m working with a bunch of geeks to develop a secret and non-detectable low bandwidth communication system for up to about 10 miles, depending on terrain, using the 915 Mhz band. Will be deploying spread spectrum and high level of encryption using off the shelf parts. Right now, I’m studying the market for this device. A number of “Off the shelf” devices are currently available we intend to use for an embedded system.

    It will be small, with our intention to connect it to a smart phone via blue tooth, but it will NOT be using the cellular, or internet. Or goals are to develop insanely cheap “relay” systems solar powered to be placed in high places and easily added to existing LoRa network.

    Our intention is to make it virtually invisible to any authority government, and even with sophisticated receiving equipment, it will be invisible.

    We are considering LoRa technology (google it). And to contact me, I’m on Wickr private messenger as “jdcrunchman” and Signal. These are the only medium I will be using to communicate with interested parties, or via secure email.

    Right now, I’m just trying to get a handle on the viability of a market and reaching out to the Prepper community to get an idea on whether or not we should pursue this.

    The actual “nuts and bolts” discussions will be via Signal or Telegram, but this forum is not considered as secure, so can only lightly touch on these ideas here in this forum.

    John (the Crunchman)

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