Semi-bacon fail

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    I’m new to canning, first time was a few weeks ago with pint jars of chicken and ground beef. Everything worked out great, ate some a week after I made it and no one got sick (yay!). I stocked up on a ton of bacon on sale and got a box of quart Ball jars, did the sterilize jars, heat lids, wiped rims with vinegar routine. The first 7 quarts I possessed at 12lbs of pressure for at least 75mins.. when I walked in 15mins later (timer went off at 90 mins) the pressure had dropped to 7lbs of pressure. I didnt want to take any chances, so I reset the timer, fixed the heat and let it go again. When it was done and cooled 4 sealed and 3 didn’t.. I switched out the lids and wiped rims, back into the pot they went, along with another 4 jars. This time, 3 sealed and 4 didn’t. I’m at my wits end, I just can’t figure out what is wrong. I had 3 or so inches of water in the pot (after the jars went in), I vented for 10 mins before starting my timer. When the timer goes off, I take it off the heat and let it cool on its own, when the gauge hits zero, take the weighty thing off for 10 mins before opening… I just don’t know why these don’t want to seal. I’ve been reading everything I can find and as far as I can tell I’m not doing anything wrong- nothing more aggravating then thinking everything is alright 😕

    So, questions-

    Is it harmful to possess over the recommended temp? How many times can I reprocesses the jars after they have cooled on the counter? At what point do I say screw it and take the non-sealed jars off my counter and just put them in the fridge/reprocess? While I’m processing sometimes the temp jumps from 11lbs -14lbs, I gently poke at the weight to let off a little steam and nudge the temp to were it should be- is this bad?

    I know the quality of my bacon has gone down the tube, but at this point I just don’t want to waste it or get anyone sick. Please, please help.. or give me a recipe that uses 5 pounds of bacon :ouch:

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