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    I am not entirely a prepper, other than the fact that I like to learn new things. My family has also always been into hunting, camping, and general outdoor things. I also grew up on a farm, so grew up planting, and tending animals. All of that said, I buy and sell random things that I find at auction. I usually sell it on CL, or Ebay. I recently got a lot of 7 complete S.C.B.A. sets. I can sell off the masks, regulators, and other items, but the tanks are expired, so can’t be refilled.

    I was gonna just take the regulators off, and sell the tanks for scrap, but 7 of them are still full of compressed air. With another 6 being empty. I figured I would ask around in the Prepper community and see if anyone would be interested. Like I said the tanks are expired and since they are composite, and not the Steel ones, they only have a life of 15 years. These expired in 2013, so can no longer be filled or recertified.

    I will likely keep 1 or 2 for myself (Just in Case), but am willing to sell the other sets for a reasonable price. Post here if you are interested, and we can work out some way to get a deal made. I would be interested in trade, or cash. Most interested in MREs, or other long term dried meals. And can always use more water filters.

    Hope this post doesn’t break any of the rules or anything. If it does, just inform me please. And feel free to give me some ideas of what to do with the tanks even if you don’t want them.

    Stay safe out there, it’s starting to get a bit crazy.

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